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A Message About WATER

A message about WATER from the TAO TEH CHING by LAO TZU

Water always takes the lowest position

Obstacles do not hinder it

It accommodates whatever is in its path

And continues to flow forward

It never loses its direction

By remaining low it follows its true nature

And its fundamental direction is not

Influenced by superficial obstructions

Water is always ocean bound

Seeking to reunite with the whole

To follow the way of water

Is to return to one’s spiritual essence

Welcome to Morning Crane Blog!

Welcome to Morning Crane Blog!

Welcome to our blog,

This blog is a glimpse into our multidimensional lives: personal and professional.  Where we lay it on the table for the world to see.  I hope you can learn something from our experiences.  If not learn, at least laugh a bit.

My husband and I were married 11/11/11, @ 11am.  I think we are very intriguing  people for many different reasons.  The first being that we are both visionaries.  We see things before they happen.  It was love at first sight.  I’ll tell you more later….

We own and operate the Morning Crane Healing Arts and Fitness Center in beautiful downtown Willow Glen, a district in San Jose, CA.  Our vision is to offer a healing space and environment that spreads across the world.  We explore various avenues of health and wellness.  We have an elite staff of experts from various fields.  And financial security which gives us the ability to do the things we love.  Our mission is to offer health related services for people who want to eliminate pain, get fit, and stay healthy.

Our services benefit our customers by improving their health, decreasing their pain, and we have given our community a space for gatherings.  We are looking for people who love living!  More to come!!!

Love & gratitude,
-Parisa F. Shelton

Center & Balance Meditation. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW!

New Early Friday Morning Mat Pilates Class & TRX class time changes

We continue to tweak our class schedule and offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.  Starting this week we will offer a 6:30am Pilates Mat class with Ajanae Edwards for all you early birds.  Then TRX Suspension at 9:30am with Parisa Shelton.

Click here to sign up!


Ladies Night Out in Downtown Willow Glen, Thursday, July 19, 6-9pm

Leave the family at home, come with your friends, and make new friends here @ Morning Crane! This Thursday evening we will be distributing  50% off fitness class coupons and conducting stress management acupuncture treatment, chair massages, and spiritual counseling.

Wine Walk, August 2, 6:15-9pm

Wine Walk, August 2, 6:15-9pm

Morning Crane is teamed up with Fortino Winery

Come join the fun!