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Finding Your Fulfiling Tribe with Amber DeAnn and Nanci Tudish

Sun, 9/22, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Are you connected with your tribe?
Do you feel emotionally secure?
Are you doing what makes you feel
Amber DeAnn, Relationship Coach/Art therapist and
Nanci Tudish, Yoga instructor, will help you shift
your connection with your tribe and find your creativity.
Cost: $39 in advance, $45 at the door

Tai Chi for Posture and Alignment- FREE class with Chris Shelton

Sat, 9/21, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Proper posture and alignment is important for any movement practice. In this workshop you will experience how small adjustments in your posture and alignment account for huge changes in your power. Wu Ji posture aligns the body in the most efficient and strong position possible. In Chinese Wu Ji stands for emptiness.
The use of proper body alignment is absolutely necessary for providing structural foundation. Learn how to stay grounded in your activity of choice. This posture will help you in various activates including running, walking, sports and leisure.
This is a FREE class.  Space is limited so sign up today.

School’s in session: time to get back to YOU! Sept. Newsletter

It’s September already!  The kids are back in school, days are noticeably shorter, and gardeners are reaping summer crops–from tomatoes and peppers to apples and figs.  It’s a good time to consider the power of daily practices to change our lives over the long run.
A great example of how a daily practice can change your life come from our CEO, Chris Shelton.  Chris began doing  Qigong more than 20 years ago.  He began to get surprising benefits from Qigong within the first six months-and you can too.  “In the beginning,” he says, “I thought this Qi business was just hocus-pocus.  But then I noticed the benefits.”  Qigong practice involves meditation and simple movements, and an exercise routine can be custom-tailored  to any lifestyle.

To read more about Chris’  life experience and his approach to Qigong, get his book, “Qigong for Self-Refinement”, available online or from the Morning Crane Center.  To start your own Qigong practice, join Chris’ free class on Saturday, September 14, details below.  Come check us out!

Or if you’re in for something more vigorous, see our list of ongoing aerobic exercise classes from TRX to Pilates to Kickboxing.  Don’t wait, start to transform your life today!

FREE SERIES with Chris Shelton (click on title to register)

Upcoming Events!

  • Sunday, 9/22, 1-4pm-Finding your Fulfilling Tribe Are you doing what makes you feel happy? This workshop will prepare you for harmonious, happy relationship with yourself! (Instructor: Amber DeAnn & Nanci Tudish)

More Classes Added to the Schedule

Qigong for Health & Vitality- FREE class with Chris Shelton

Sat, 9/14, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
We would like for you to come and experience a powerful and effective way to increase your health, vitality, and athletic performance. Qigong stems from Chinese Medicine and is ~5000 years old. Even though it is easy to learn and perform, the effects on the body are profound! It has been proven to prevent and reduce disease. It is said that a superior doctor is one that can prevent disease before disease sets in These practices teach you how to understand signs and symptoms, which is the body’s way of getting your attention and warning you of potential problems.Although you will feel relaxed the purpose in not solely for relaxation. The purpose is to improve your health, improve your vitality, and prevent disease. Come learn the breathing techniques, gentle movements, and meditations of Qigong.

This is a FREE class.  Space is limited so sign up today.

Tango & Salsa Lessons with Hayes Koles of Sugar Rhythm

Learn how to do the Tango and the Salsa.  Prepare yourself for cruise ship ballroom dancing, weddings, vacations, parties, corporate holiday functions, and social dance clubs! Instructor: Hayes Koles;
Single class, single person: $20
Single class, couple: $35
All 4 classes, single person $60
All 4 classes, couple: $100