About Us

Clients come to Morning Crane for three different reasons:

-Lean tools to reduce stress
-Relieve pain
-Loose weight

Morning Crane Healing Arts Center is an oasis for people to de-stress, relax and heal.  We understand that with movement, meditation, and hands on healing you can live a happy healthy life. Our programs are offered as one-on-one sessions, or off-site and cooperate group classes.

Anyone ranging from elite athletes to people with mobility and/or intellectual disabilities will benefit from our programs.
We believe balancing mental and emotional health is vital to the well-being and longevity of the physical body. Our instructors offer participants proven tools that decrease stress and promote healthy living.  Morning Crane Healing Arts Center is committed to improving lives.  Our mission is to empower YOU and give YOU tools to take care of your health.

Our story:

Morning Crane started in a small office space in Los Gatos, CA in 2004; founded by Chris Shelton, who at the time was a butcher and Meat Manager.  In 2006 Morning Crane moved to Willow Glen.  At that time we only had two therapy rooms. In 2007 we built a small studio to teach group classes.  In 2010 Morning Crane hired Parisa (Forouhi) Shelton, who at the time was teaching Pilates in Los Gatos.  In 2011 Chris and Parisa married and expanded the space in Willow Glen with a bigger studio, personal training room, and three therapy rooms. In 2013, we expanded again and opened a satellite office in Los Angles, CA. In 2016, it became clear that we were doing too much and to best serve our clients and community we needed to downsize.  That is when we let go of the studio and maintained personal training room, and three therapy rooms.  Our emphasis is on private therapeutic session and cooperate wellness.