Schedule of Classes

SCC - Rose Garden April 2016-7-2_P liver moveMorning Crane teaches classes that slow down the aging process, aid in dealing with past and present trauma, prevent/reduce disease and increase your well-being and vitality.

We are the proud wellness provider for the Santa Clara County Employee Wellness Department. Classes listed below are available to the public.

Call us if you have any questions! (408)391-2846

Bone Strengthening Qigong For Arthritis and Joints 

Starting November 29 to December 20 ~  Four Weeks Every Thursday from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Join us at Center for Spiritual Living San Jose, 1195 Clark St. San Jose 95125
for a Qigong series that will strengthen your bones by balancing your kidneys, decrease arthritis and joint pain, and increase energy.
Learn simple movements and meditations that improve your physical, mental, and spiritual awareness.
This class includes guided visualizations, meditations and breath work from ancient China that enhances life-force energy or Qi (Chi).
Investment: $100 
Register by November 15 and receive $11 off registration. 
Click here to register or call (408) 391-2846 today!

FREE Tai Chi at the Refuge || Don Edwards SF Bay Wildlife Refuge

Saturday, January 12, 9:30-10:30am – Free Tai Chi at the Refuge

Space is limited.  Click here to register. 

#SoulSpace- Yoga Tree on grass knollJoin us at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge for a free Tai Chi classes that will improve your balance, coordination, and self awareness.  Learn the Tai Chi and Qigong movements for the purpose of enhancing your health and vitality.  After Tai Chi there is an optional guided nature walk.
Sponsored by San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Society.  Space is limited.  Click on the link above to register.
Address: (make sure GPS says Alviso not Fremont)
1751 Grand Blvd
Alviso 95002