Cardio Kickboxing

  • It is time to kick your body into shape with cardio kickboxing at Morning Crane! In cardio kickboxing you break a sweat as this class combines plyometerics, stretching exercises, and core work to help you achieve your cardio and physical fitness goals. Get your body into top shape while having fun and learning to defend yourself. In cardio kickboxing you will use boxing gloves and pads to go through hand techniques and challenging combinations. Learn to perfect all of your kickboxing moves including your jab cross, upper cut, roundhouse kicks, and more! Cardio kickboxing is great for all levels. If you have never taken a kickboxing class or if you have been practicing kickboxing for years, this class is for you. Come work out to reach your weight goals, build lean muscle mass, and the best part of it all; build your confidence!